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TwoCentsTV Fall Wish List: ‘iZombie’

It’s that time of year again! Hiatus is winding down and fall premiere dates are drawing near. So, what better way to count down the final weeks until premieres than to discuss our hopes for the upcoming season. Granted, iZombie won’t be returning until the midseason.

However, with the long wait comes a few hopes and wishes for season three especially considering the way they left Liv and company after discovering what the Max Rager basement held and Vivian’s surprising proposition.

Here are a few of my season three hopes.

No more zombies. I don’t mean this on the entire show. Just in the core cast. Now, that Major is a zombie, we’ll be getting an even number of zombies and humans in the cast which could be a fun dynamic to have.

More Liv and Peyton. Now that Peyton knows about Liv and what’s going on since she got involved, I would like to see more Liv and Peyton, either seeing her more involved in the brain of the week or just having one of those “normal” moments where they get to confide in each other.

Bring Back the Moore Family. Granted, the Moore family hasn’t been featured since the beginning of the season. But, it would be interesting to see what the state of their, no doubt, strained relationship with Liv is at when season three kicks off. It could potentially work really well with the proposition Liv got from Vivian to join this new rise of the zombie.

iZombie returns to the CW midseason, though with no set time and day yet.

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