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TwoCentsTV Top 10 List – Best Halloween TV Episodes from the 1990s

90shalloweenIt’s that time of year again where goblins, ghouls and everything orange, black and scary, creepy and funny rule the TV airways. Yup, it’s Halloween! Over the years, our favorite TV shows have produced some amazing scary, fun and everything in between Halloween themed episodes. Last year we looked at the most recent episodes and this year we take a look back in time to the 1990s to come up with our top Halloween episodes.

Below are our top 10 Halloween-themed episodes from the ’90s – one episode per show – in no particular order. Is your favorite below? Share your TwoCents on your favorite Halloween TV episodes below!

Boy Meets World - And Then There Was Shawn (1998)

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In this memorable episode, Boy Meets World pays homage to iconic slasher films such as "Scream" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer" as the TGIF sitcom starts to dabble in the surreal. After a bit of an argument, the Boy Meets World gang end up in detention and stuck dealing with their issues...while also running from a potential murderer (with a cameo spot courtesy of Jennifer Love Hewitt). The actual killer (in Shawn's dreamland detention) turns out to be an interesting surprise. Although technically not a Halloween episode as it aired two weeks after Valentines Day, "And Then There Was Shawn" is often regarded as one due to the the teen-horror genre that it so hilariously spoofs.

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