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TwoCentsTV Top 10 List – Psych Theme Episodes

photo: usa
photo: usa
We at TwoCentsTV are sad that Psych is ending in a few shorts weeks after eight seasons. But have no fear, we are also about celebrating everything that Shawn, Gus, Lassiter, Juliet, Chief Vick and Henry had to offer us.

So, for the next five weeks, we will bring you some of our Top 10 favorites from the show. First up, in honor of last night’s “Space Odyssey” episode directed by star Kirsten Nelson (and wasn’t it an excellent episode?), Psych’s Top 10 theme episodes..

Remember to share your thoughts on our list below and what your favorite Psych theme episodes are!

Dual Spires, Season 5, Episode 12

Picture 10 of 10

Who killed Laura Palmer...or in this case, Paula Merral? In this hilarious take on the mystery series "Twin Peaks," Shawn and Gus work with various small town personalities to solve the case. With several stars of the original series making appearances, it's a lot of fun. Cinnamon pie, anyone?

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