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TwoCentsTV Top 10 TV Kisses

It’s International Kissing Day (according to the internet)!

We here at TwoCentsTV thought the best way to celebrate it is by remembering some of our top TV kisses. From The Good Wife and Friends to Arrow and The Flash, check out some of our picks in no particular order!

Make sure to share yours as well!

Castle – “Always”

It may have been their second kiss, but it was the kiss fans were waiting for after an entire season and some unfortunate (massive) miscommunication, Beckett comes to Castle and tells him exactly what she wants.

Arrow – “The Calm”

Sure, their first kiss may have happened at an unfortunate time that started an arc filled with longing glances, uncertain proximity to each other, and sometimes painful angst that led up to their getting together 19 episodes later, but Oliver and Felicity’s first kiss was sweet and something Olicity fans were waiting to see since that moment in the mansion in the second season finale (or since they met, really).

Dawson’s Creek – “Stolen Kisses”

After sharing their first kiss in season one, fans get to see the back and forth between Pacey and Joey for the next two seasons until they finally come to terms with their feelings for each other and Joey kisses Pacey.

Friends – “The One With The Prom Video”

After watching reliving a high school memory thanks to an unearthed VHS, Rachel realizes that Ross was about to take her to her prom when Chip didn’t show up and kisses him, giving us not only another Ross and Rachel moment but also the iconic Phoebe line “he’s her lobster.”

The Good Wife – “Heart”

What was the beginning of one of the tumultuous relationship that was Alicia and Will, their first kiss in “Heart” should have been a sign of what was to come.

The West Wing – “The Cold”

The West Wing fans waited years for the moment that Josh and Donna finally got together. So, their first kiss, in season seven, in the midst of elections and polling numbers coming out is both great and so very them.

Alias- “Phase One”

After finally taking all of the SD cells and Sloane down (or so they thought), Sydney and Vaughn take a moment to take stock of what they’ve accomplished and the fact that they can finally be together. Are we going to block out season three at the moment? Yes, yes we are.

The Flash – “The Race of His Life”

The second season finale gave Westallen fans a very sweet moment between Iris and Barry after the dust had settled and Zoom was defeated and they kiss. Of course, because Barry is Barry, this was supposed to be a goodbye before he decides to go back in time after kissing Iris. So, it was sweet while it lasted. Why can’t he just not mess with the timeline after kissing Iris? This will be their second first kiss.

The Office – “Casino Night”

After two seasons and countless times watching Jim pining for Pam, we finally saw him not only tell her how he felt about her but kiss her!

Shameless – “The Sins of My Caretaker”

After telling Mickey that the reason he sticks around with “that geriatric viagroid” is partly because he isn’t afraid to kiss Ian, Mickey decides to surprise him with a kiss…before going to hold up some old woman. So very Gallavich.

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