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TwoCentsTV Top 10 – Who Will Make a Great Dad

Today is Father’s Day and in celebration, TwoCentsTV decided to take a look at the many non-fathers scattered about our current TV screens to see who has the qualities that would make for a great father – one day. Granted it’s biased for what we think makes a good dad, but for many on this list they share qualities of respect, unconditional love and compassion for family and friends and the “do-anything” attitude to protect their loved ones.

So check out Top 10 characters who would make a great father one day from characters currently on our TV screens. Then share your TwoCents about our list or others you think would make great dads in the comments below!


Manny Delgado (Modern Family)

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In many respects, Manny is probably as mature as any of the other men on Modern Family or even on this list. Despite is younger age, he's shown himself as affable to all those around him along with great passion for life and intuitive. These qualities lend themselves well for a future as a father.

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