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TwoCentsTV Top 150 List – Our Favorite Aaron Sorkin Characters 121 – 135

As self obsessed Aaron Sorkin fanatics, senior staff members KP and Jules put their heads together and came up with the Top 150 favorite Aaron Sorkin characters representing Sports Night, The West Wing, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip to The Newsroom.

Starting last Wednesday we began counting down our list fifteen characters at a time. This week we look at numbers 121-135.

Take a look and see where your favorites ranked. What are your TwoCents on the list? Who did we miss? Were we really off on anyone? Share in the comments below.

135. Dr. Jacob Habib, The Newsroom
135 Dr. Jacob HabibSorkin’s favorite – go to a shrink storyline. Will went to Dr. Jacob’s father, and now gets “stuck” with Junior – who is amazing.

134. Al Kiefer, The West Wing
134 Al KieferHe used to be the head Democratic pollster and dated Joey Lucase for awhile, but senior staff didn’t like him. He was eventually replaced as go to pollster guy…by his ex.

133. Pixley, Sports Night
133 Pixley RobinsonShe let Casey know he was better than the man ‘waiting’ for Dana. She gave Casey back some much needed mojo!

132. Vic Faison, The West Wing
132 Vic FaisonThe fruit fly guy as President Bartlett so affectionately called him. He’s also married to Ellie and he was nice and harmless for the most part.

131. Molly O’Connor, The West Wing
131 Molly O'ConnorPoor Molly. She gave her life for Zoey and Toby named his daughter after her.

130. Ned Carlson, The West Wing
130 Ned CarlsonA Santos staffer that was decent, but couldn’t cut it on the Presidential campaign trail so Josh had him fired.

129. Connie, The West Wing
129 ConnieA strong female, not being pushed around – of course that’s “Mrs. Coach” in EVERYTHING she does!

128. Dr. Millicent Griffith, The West Wing
128 Millie GriffthThe Surgeon General and close Bartlet friend. She caused some uproar when she inadvertently spoke for the decriminalizing of marijuana and way before it was cool to do so.

127. Darius Hawthorne, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
127 Darius HawthorneDo a killer set in Stand-up, you get to be Matt’s assistant writer!

126. Governor Robert Ritchie, The West Wing
126 Gov RitchieThe Governor of Florida who was the Republican nominee for President during Bartlet’s second election. He wasn’t the brightest of the bunch and ended up losing by over 10 million votes in the general election.

125. Otto, The West Wing
125 OttoEveryone has an Otto in their place of work. Does good work, but lets you know it ALL THE TIME! Shut up Otto!

124. Josephine McGarry, The West Wing
124 Josephine McGarryYou can be the best in your chosen field, but if you’re related to Leo, you’ll always be second best. Don’t mess with Leo!

123. Bobbi Bernstein, Sports Night
123 Bobbi BernsteinWay to hold a grudge. Dan didn’t sleep with you in Spain… oh… wait. Yes he did. Sorry about that.

122. Evelyn Baker Lang, The West Wing
122 Evelyn Baker LangEvelyn Baker Lang only appeared in one episode, but it was a great one. She wormed her way into our and obviously Josh and Toby’s hearts with her brilliant mind and complex way of thinking as a judge. We only wish we were able to see more of her as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

121. Chris, Sports Night
121 ChrisCheck out his dance moves to “Boogie Shoes” in the episode where they come back after being thrown out of El Perro Fumando!

Check back next Wednesday for the next fifteen!

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