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TwoCentsTV Top 150 List – Our Favorite Aaron Sorkin Characters 91 – 105

As self obsessed Aaron Sorkin fanatics, senior staff members KP and Jules put their heads together and came up with the Top 150 favorite Aaron Sorkin show characters representing Sports Night, The West Wing, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip to The Newsroom.

Starting June 15 we began counting down our list fifteen characters at a time. Here’s 136-150, 121-135 and 106-120. This week we look at numbers 91-105.

Take a look and see where your favorites ranked. What are your TwoCents on the list? Who did we miss? Were we really off on anyone? Share in the comments below.

105. Wilson White, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
105 Wilson WhiteChairman of Tunney Media Group was hilarious. But that could be cause Ed Asner is just that good.

104. General Nicholas Alexander, The West Wing
104 Gen. Nicholas AlexanderHe became the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff after Fitzwallace stepped down. He was by far nothing like Fitz, but he stood is ground and battled with the President and Leo.

103. Ginger, The West Wing
103 GingerGinger is Bonnie. Bonnie is Ginger. Toby needed them both to keep him straight.

102. Bonnie, The West Wing
102 BonnieBonnie is Ginger. Ginger is Bonnie. Toby needed them both to keep him straight.

101. Bob Mayer, The West Wing
101 Bob MayerWhile he was busy pushing Vinick to do what he had to do to win, I just wanted to give the guy a stapler!

100. Gina Toscano, The West Wing
100 Gina ToscanoGina was Zoe’s body guard and all she had to do was keep her safe in season one with her mix of professionalism and passion, but then Rosslyn happened and she couldn’t ID the guy on the ground and she went to investigate crime scenes instead.

99. Abby Jacobs, Sports Night
99 Abby JacobsMany Sorkin shows use the ‘talking to my therapist’ storyline to tell the story. Abby was a good one, she actually new long jump record holders. That’s impressive.

98. Sheila Brooks, The West Wing
98 Sheila BrooksShe tried to get Vinick elected President, but when her ways weren’t working she offered herself to be replaced and she was!

97. Ryan Pierce, The West Wing
97 Ryan PierceFrat boy with a mind – DANGEROUS!

96. Nina Howard, The Newsroom
96 Nina HowardReporter turned gossip columnist who also broke the law.

95. Mike Casper, The West Wing
95 Mike CasperAgent Coulson was a member of the FBI before working from SHIELD. What? Oh, sorry. I thought they could be the same time line. My bad.

94. Andy Mackinaw, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
94 Andy MackinawBrought in to run the writer’s room after Ron and Ricky left. He tries to inspire and re-invigorate the staff. No easy task.

93. Kenny, The West Wing
93 KennyTo trust Joey Lucas was to trust Kenny. We did.

92. Dave (Director), Sports Night
92 DaveA studio tech and director. He appeared in the background and a good guy.

91. Talmidge Cregg, The West Wing
91 Talmidge CreggCJ’s Dad. A former educator who was losing the thing most precious – his mind. Must be terrifying.

Check back next Wednesday for the next fifteen!

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