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TwoCentsTV Top 150 List – Our Favorite Aaron Sorkin TV Characters 31 – 45

As self obsessed Aaron Sorkin fanatics, senior staff members KP and Jules put their heads together and came up with the Top 150 favorite Aaron Sorkin show characters representing Sports Night, The West Wing, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip to The Newsroom.

Starting June 15 we began counting down our list fifteen characters at a time. Here’s 136-150, 121-135. 106-120, 91-105, 76-90, 61-75 and 46-60. This week we look at 31-45.

Take a look and see where your favorites ranked. What are your TwoCents on the list? Who did we miss? Were we really off on anyone? Share in the comments below.

45. Kim, Sports Night
45 KimDid you know she wasn’t Dan’s assistant? Yeah, neither did he.

44. Matt Santos, The West Wing
44 Matt SantosThe charismatic Democratic nominee for President. He was idealistic with grandiose ideas and the heir apparent to Bartlet.

43. Neal Sampat, The Newsroom
43 Neal SampatMind of a genius. Heart of gold. A very very very good combination.

42. Jordan McDeere, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
42 Jordan McDeereJordan was a poised fighter – she fought for the show, over an annoying boss, and against a stalkery ex. She even had a baby amongst it all.

41. Amy Gardner, The West Wing
41 Amy GardnerJosh loved her. Or did he? I think he WANTED to love her. We all did. Then she would go and do something stupid, just for the sake of being ornery. Who needs that? So what if she was RIGHT more of the time. 🙂

40. Debbie Fiderer, The West Wing
40 Debbie FidererIt was always going to be hard to replace Mrs. Landingham, but Debbie had her own quirks that made her stand out and yet still likable. She carved out her own world and it worked.

39. Sloan Sabbith, The Newsroom
39 Sloan SabbithFew characters had the chance to have the growth on The Newsroom as Sloan did. From ‘another pretty face’ on the news, to proving she was one of the very best in the business, we loved watching Sloan navigate through it all.

38. Arnold Vinick, The West Wing
38 Arnold VinickThe compelling, likable and moderate Republican Senator who ran for President. He almost won and in some other universe we kinda wish he did.

37. Oliver Babish, The West Wing
37 Oliver BabishYour job – protect the President who covered up a huge illness from the American public. Yikes. Not an easy task, but he was up for the job! And don’t EVER make fun of the big hammer!

36. Rebecca Wells, Sports Night
36 Rebecca WellsThe girl of Dan’s dreams who left him because she wanted to make it work with her ex. She eventually came back to Dan in the finale and we hope they made it work out in the end.

35. Lord John Marbury, The West Wing
35 John MarburyThis guy was CRACKERS! But charming and very very strong witted.

34. Annabeth Schott, The West Wing
34 Annabeth SchottOne of the newer faces at the end of the series. She was small, a firecracker and seemingly effective in the west wing getting Toby to be a better briefer and on the campaign trail getting Leo to lighten up.

33. Simon Stiles, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
33 Simon StilesHe didn’t care about your stance in life, he just wanted you to make it funny. We can’t blame him, he made everything funny!

32. MacKenzie McHale, The Newsroom
32 Mackenzie McHaleMac executive produced News Night like a Swiss watch. Her personal life was a whole another thing, but in the work world, she was on top of it.

31. Ainsley Hayes, The West Wing
31 Ainsley HayesThe greatest character the steam pipe trunk distribution center ever had as its resident. Watch the scenes when the gang welcomes her to the office in song, and her dancing when the President comes to meet her. Someone get the girl a Fresca.

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