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Ugly Betty – Recap & Review – Back In Her Place

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Ugly Betty
Back In Her Place

Original Air Date: Jan 13, 2010

Karen- Sr. Staff Writer

This week Betty is given an assignment of fashion and stiletto heels, but she wants to turn it into a human interest story about the many shoes people work in. But good ‘ol Wilhelmina, will have no part of it. So to get back at Betty, Willie makes her wear the stilettos and walk a mile. That’s just crazy, no woman could do that! Willie gives her multiple products to try and thus, Betty has her worst week….ever!

Wilhelmina is determined to be with Conner, more than just on her prison visits. She asks him to marry her. He is stunned, but agrees.

Daniel notices that his appointments are messed up; his car is never there to pick him up when needed and feels Marc is screwing up. Betty feels he is probably just not communicating to Marc very well, because Marc is a very good assistant. (Betty’s words, not mine).

Back at the Suarez house, Hilda is becoming more hormonal and causing her emotions to run wild. Bobby decides to celebrate “Hilda Week” where it is all about her and wants to pamper her.

Since Willie won’t let her write the story she wants to, Betty decides to write a blog. She is going to do a story on people who give back to the community. Just as she publishes her first one, her landlord (Mr. Z) comes a knocking and demanding 2 months worth of rent. (Yes, Marc & Amanda moved across the hall and didn’t tell Betty) Amanda says she tried…but not really.
Then Matt drops the bomb and tells Betty that she inspired HIM. He wants to go to Botswana and volunteer. He signed up and goes to Africa for 6 months. All of you with your jaws hanging open can now close them.

Willie shows up at the prison with Rev. Marc to marry them. Remember he got an online ordained certificate when Willie was going to marry Bradford. But Conner is no longer there, he was transferred and they won’t say where. Do you smell fish? Cause something is awfully fishy.

By now, Betty is dealing with a sprained foot, itchy skin and hair that is so out of control, you might as well shave it. Betty storms over to Willie’s office and starts going off, when Willie tells her about Conner leaving on her wedding day. Betty has an epiphany as she hears about it. She then tells Matt it is ok to go, and that she understands.

Daniel confronts Marc about trying to sabotage him, but we quickly learn that he was actually helping him. The limo didn’t show up so Daniel would have to walk and therefore he lost weight (8 pounds). That made him walk past a paparazzi hang out and therefore he got photographed more often. And his missed appointments caused the clients to pursue him. Jeez, he really is good. Willie must really miss him! Daniel is happy.

Betty asks Amanda about the rent and we find out she did it because she was still mad about losing Matt to her. Everything is cool.
Then Betty explains all this to Mr. Z and he lets her have the apt and works out the back rent.
Conner really was not relocated; he just paid the guard to say that…I knew it.
Matt & Betty say goodbye. Poor Betty, she cries as he walks away. Her love life has got to turn around soon.

What did you think? Give me your 2cents. Sad Matt left? Who do you want Betty to end up with?

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