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United States of Tara- Recap & Review- Dr. Hattaras’ Miracle Elixir

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United States of Tara
Dr. Hattaras’ Miracle Elixir

Original Air Date: Apr 25, 2011

Katie- TwoCents Reviewer

Last week we saw Tara struggling to keep her life on track. With the classes she’s taking, the stress of Charmaine and her new baby, and the Alters, she had a lot on her plate.

This week, we find out how Tara and the other Alters are taking to the new contract they made during their War Room peace treaty conference.

Tara tries to drop Dr. Hattaras’ class. After analyzing the writing she did when she was making the contract with the Alters, he has become obsessed with and wants to do a paper on them. He basically tells her that if she lets him do this, he’ll give her an A in the class.

Neil and Charmaine are taking care of baby Cassandra when Tara shows up. She made peace-offering lasagna, but Charmaine says she’s it’s too soon. Tara tries to apologize, but Charmaine isn’t listening. I really feel like Charmaine is being way too hard on Tara. Her DID certainly is new to Charmaine, and while it must be hard for her to deal with sometimes, Tara is still her sister, and she’s depriving her of some really special moments with Cassie.

Kate starts flight attendant training. Her instructor, Bunny, is pretty harsh, kicking out a few of the students before the class even starts. Kate steps up though, passing every test that is thrown her way. I love the writing for Kate. She has such a quick wit, which makes things like this (and her previous career in internet fetish porn) pretty freaking hilarious. On her first flight, the plane hits turbulence and Kate spills tomato juice on someone and a bag hits someone else in the head, and Bunny welcomes her to the airline. Yay for Kate!

At Orgalawn, Max disagrees with the way the company works. For example, they would rather cut down a healthy tree than pay him overtime to work around it. Max ends up stealing the tree, and while he’s planting it in their yard, Tara comes out to tell him about the offer from Dr. Hattaras. Later when Tara is out, Dr. Hattaras shows up at the Gregsons house. He runs into Max and wants to see Tara, but Max tells him he has no business with her unless it’s to sign her drop form. He gives Max a copy of the Alter Contract, which Max hadn’t heard about yet. They look through it together, and Tara tells Max she thinks it’s pretty helpful. It’s the first time there’s been a system in place. He thinks she should work with Dr. Hataras, but she seems hesitant.

Tara wakes up to Cassandra crying next door, and Alice shows up to take charge. She goes over to Char’s and even though she is told in no uncertain terms that she is not needed and not welcome, she turns on the vacuum to get the baby to finally stop crying.

After an argument with his boyfriend Lionel about a movie they’re making, Marshall kisses Noah, the boy they had the threesome make-out session with during the last episode. Noah stays over to watch TV, and Alice starts making them a snack. While in the kitchen, Tara approaches Alice and asks for the body back. Alice thanks her for giving her an extra couple hours and steps out gracefully. HUH?!!? I guess this contract is actually working!

Lionel shows up and Marshall and Noah are lying in Marshall’s bed. Lionel gets mad and leaves, saying he’s going to make the movie on his own. Marshall and Noah decide to make their own movie, probably about the new boy’s uh…private…uhm…self-gratification?…habits. Marshall goes to talk to Lionel about the Noah situation. He tells him they’ve kissed. Marshall gives him some money for the camera, then they break-up.

Tara meets with Dr. Hattaras and agrees to let him write the paper as long as she gets a make-up exam and earns her own grades. He tells her he has helped more severe cases than hers. He asks if anything has changed since the contract, and she tells him about Alice giving her back “the body” when she needed it.

Cassandra is screaming, and Neal calls Tara for help. He lies and says it’s his mom on the phone, but Tara finally has to step in when Charmaine is about to give up. Charmaine comes over with Cassie and FINALLY lets Tara hold her. They finally have the sister moment they should’ve had when Cassie was born.

I’m really excited to see how Tara and the Alters make this contract work. Especially Buck, who is generally a rule-breaker. Also, what about Chicken and Gimmee? Being the two youngest and least evolved Alters, will they be able to honor the contract? I think it would be completely amazing if Showtime would post a copy of the contract on their website or something. I’d love to see what each Alter asks for time to do. What do you think were some of the stipulations?

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