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Up All Night – Recap & Review – New Car

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Up All Night
New Car

Original Air Date: Oct 5, 2011

Caitlin – Associate Staff Writer

Every family needs a family vehicle; one that puts safety over style and holds lots of cargo for vacations. Tonight, Reagan and Chris look for theirs. You’d think they’d have done so before Amy was born, but hey, then we wouldn’t get to watch.

How do they come to this decision in the first place? By trying to go to the beach while fitting baby things into Reagan’s car. It does not go well and the neighbors are not helpful. Admittedly, they did almost forget their child.

This car will be traded in for their new purchase, and Reagan is rather apprehensive. At work, Ava gets into a magazine for dropping out of high school and is in a bad mood as well. She decides she wants to do more with her show and bring in some intellectuals. In this case, intellectuals are people who write books that look like textbooks, so Ava goes to a party with her assistant instead. The car shopping process, aided by alcohol, goes equally morally, and Chris and Reagan get a family van from The A-Team.

This is a truly retro vehicle in many ways, owned by a hippie Native American who may or may not actually be dead. They decide to dump it and get a new car instead. While Chris works out details, Reagan learns Ava is in Vegas and not touching the book she’s supposed to be reading. No time to worry about that, though- the neighbors have the exact same car they’re test-driving, meaning it instantly becomes a disaster. Regardless, they have their daughter to consider.

Ava shows up at their house that night in despair and Chris offers to help her study the book. His methods are rather hard to follow, and yet they somehow work. But Ava quickly realizes her show is…well, not exactly lighthearted, seeing as she gets the book’s author to talk about being abused by bullies. Still, it’s definitely not about economics. Chris and Reagan get their van, but at least it’s black and adorned with their favorite features. Reagan is free to keep mystifying men at stop lights.

Seeing as I’m driving a 13-year old van with very few features, I don’t totally relate to anguish over having to give up a cute convertible, but it fits well with the show’s theme of adjusting to the sacrifices of parenthood. I found the fact Chris had a tape deck put into the van despite it lowering the value just so they could listen to their music endearing. Anyway, compared to one they bought by mistake from the internet, they could remove the tires and probably still get more on trade in for it.

I also realized that Ava was decidedly more like Oprah than Ellen. The show Ava, that is. I very much doubt either Oprah or Ellen act like the woman Ava. She does try to help people, though. I’m not sure if there was supposed to be a nod to the seriousness of bullying in real life at the end of the episode, but I kind of like to think so, despite the strange path it took. I don’t want to get too serious with a sitcom, though, so- I’d totally have taken that A-Team van. No, not to drive. To sell to our nearby museum that has a big focus on automobiles. (Nobody needs to know all the details about it.)

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