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Up All Night – Recap & Review – New Year’s Eve

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Up All Night
New Year’s Eve

Original Air Date: Jan 12, 2012

Caitlin – Staff Writer

Up All Night celebrated Christmas 18 days early and now is celebrating New Year’s Eve 13 (or 12, depending how long the party goes) late. That’s television timing for you, but hey, I miss the holidays.

We already know Chris and Reagan used to be a bit wild, so as you can imagine, New Year’s Eve was a big deal. In fact, in 2002, it was the day they met. As for Ava…well, let’s focus on Chris and Reagan.

Unfortunately, they can’t find anyone to babysit (On New Year’s Eve? Shocking, I know), so Reagan proposes they host a game night instead. Chris isn’t exactly with her on this plan. Ava and Kevin are now officially dating, but he’s feeling as though his ordinary life doesn’t measure up to hers. Missy’s love of her boss doesn’t help matters.

Everyone agrees to go to the party, but all the games have mysteriously disappeared, which I’m sure has nothing whatsoever to do with Reagan’s competitive spirit. Missy brings her new boyfriend, Isaac, who is very attractive and from London, grabbing Reagan and Ava’s attention instantly. Missy, though, finds him annoying.

Things move on to playing Trivial Pursuit, which Reagan managed to find squirreled away in a box for dead light bulbs. She’s…kind of scary, really. And Kevin thinks Ava might actually be trying to hide him from her colleagues. Chris tries to give him a confidence boost while they explore the fireworks and other explosives Kevin has brought to shoot off at midnight.

Despite the encouragement of her friends, Missy soon makes a run for it, still not explaining why Kevin irritates her. He’s an excellent chef, too, and seems very nice. But don’t worry about him for too long, because Reagan has found Rock Band, which really sends her over the edge. In the wake of her wrath, Kevin stalks out after asking why Ava doesn’t want him around.

Chris and Reagan decide to make up by writing down everything that irritates them about each other. Whatever works for them, I guess. Ava tracks down Kevin and explains she was trying to protect both herself and him from the media chaos that followed all her other romances. By midnight, they’re happy, Missy comes back for Isaac, and Chris and Reagan erase their whole lists. Well, almost.

All in all, a fun episode, though I would have liked to see a bit more of what our couple was like at “regular” New Year’s Eve parties. I wonder if we’ll at least see more of their first meeting. Also, is Isaac coming back? Because I very much like him, but Missy still doesn’t seem to even though she returned. Sometimes there are just things about people you can’t explain and that drive you crazy. But maybe they can work those out? We’ll see.

Next Week: Rivals

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