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Up All Night – Recap & Review – The Game of Life

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Up All Night
The Game of Life

Original Air Date: Nov 29, 2012

Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer

This episode of Up All Night was originally supposed to air before the Thanksgiving installment, which offers some explanation for why much of it involves summer camp-like activities. Some explanation, but not much.

Terry and Jean are becoming show regulars. At a party with family Broadway karaoke, Chris and Reagan get invited to spend the weekend with them up at a cabin on the lake. Even they realize that’s a bit horror movie-ish, but a vacation’s a vacation.

Reagan and Scott get a reluctant Chris to give their neighbors (another) chance, but once they arrive, Reagan immediately has to leave again. She’s convinced Ava, who is taking a trip to Tampa, is miserable without her. The opposite is actually true, and Reagan’s the one who winds up realizing she might not be cut out for sitting by the pool and guzzling a frozen margarita like it’s a can of soda.

She spends the night anyway, leaving Chris to fend off board games and then deal with Terry and June’s fight over that time he went to a concert with a secretary twenty years his senior. But Ava’s invited another friend, Natasha, and Reagan feels like the odd woman out. She’s too tired to party, even with the help of energy drinks- at least until she downs several of them. She winds up getting angry about Natasha and then leaving.

Chris rants to Scott, who says he needs to share his feelings with Terry and June as much as they do with him. He tells them about a time when another guy almost came between him and Reagan, and they make up. Reagan herself gets back to the cabin just in time for the “Funlympics”, which, apparently, take place very close to a crevasse that has taken people’s lives.

Reagan confesses the real reason she stayed in Tampa, and she and Chris manage to have fun with egg races and competitive smiling (yes, really). This isn’t to say she’s not happy to see Ava stop by, trying to save her and bringing a bottle of alcohol. Especially when they learn that the Funlympics take place every weekend, and that the closing ceremonies involve yet more singing.

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