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This Is Us – Recap & Review – Déjà Vu

This is Us
Déjà Vu

Original Air Date: Oct 10, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

This week’s episode digs deeper into Jack’s journey to sobriety and a little into Kevin’s perspective about losing his dad. For Randall and Beth, they move closer to becoming foster parents. Let’s get to what happened.

In the past, Jack is deep into AA and even staying up late to do his steps. Randall is up late too writing an ad in the paper to look for his birth parents. He ends up getting a letter from a woman claiming to be his mother. Randall tells his siblings about the letter and they all go to the park to support him. But when the woman arrives and we know she’s not his mom, she mentions how his ad says he didn’t need money so that he must have money. So yeah, Randall runs away knowing it’s not her. Correct! Kev and Kate comfort their brother and ask him why now and it’s a ringing in his ear.

Rebecca meets her Miguel’s ex Shelly who urges her friend to take Jack out on a grand romantic gesture to liven up their home life. So Rebecca goes to “Jack Pearson” her husband to sweep him off his feet by driving them to a spot to make out and have sex, but Jack is not into it. Jack admits it’s a lot harder than he thought now while he’s in AA. Instead they spend time talking in the car and Jack admits that he borrowed money from his dad to pay for the house and that there are lots of other stuff he buried away and that he’ll tell Rebecca eventually. Rebecca is OK with it and is ready when he is. They finally are able to be passionate in car and when they arrive home, their discarded dinner is being enjoyed by a stray dog – the same one Kate was holding the night Jack died!

In the present, it’s been three weeks since Randall and Beth were approved to be foster parents. Randall’s been excited every time the landline rings and this time Beth answers and it’s news about a child. Her name is Deja; she’s 12 years old and is on her way over. Randall is still all about his parents legacy and he’s getting really excited, while Beth is trying to calm him down, so you know it’s not going to go well.

Deja arrives at the Pearson home and she’s pretty unresponsive initially after being dropped off by the foster care lady (Debra Rupp). She tells the Pearons that the first night is the hardest and to “Be patient, have zero expectations.” Later that evening, Tess and Annie tell their parents that they want to give her back. Then Beth finds a pack of cigarette in Deja’s bag and calls her bitch in the process and it turns almost into a fight until Randall appears and she flinches back. It’s now that Randall realizes that it’s going to be hard and Beth adds that it’s going to be a lot of highs and lows.

Later that evening, Deja asks Tess and Annie about who is in charge (Mom) and what happens if they break rules (lose iPad privileges). Flashback to Annie and William. William’s first evening trying to leave and he doesn’t want to set off the alarm, but Annie convinces him to stay with a story about a sleepover where she left early and was sad she missed out on an opportunity. Oh Annie, I love your precociousness. In present day, the girls let Deja sleep in their room as Randall and Beth listen from their room via the baby monitor.

Randall and Beth get Deja’s file and her mom is in big trouble. Deja says she wanted to have the cigarettes to give to her mom when she picked her up. Randall intros about his life and his adoption and how his life turned out pretty great and how her name reminds him about all the good his life is now. It’s a sweet moment, that turns bad when Randall says that her mom may not come back for awhile and be in jail. It upsets Deja and she breaks a picture frame, but Randall and Beth are very calm about it.

While all that happened, Kevin brings Kate on set to his movie and apparently Sylvester Stallone is in it, too. Kevin does a bad impression and then they meet Stallone and the moment is awesome. Kate wishes their dad was there. Kevin blows it off.

Kate later runs into Sly and she gushes to him about how their dad loved him as an actor and that she knows Rocky all by heart. It’s a sweet moment that turns sad when Sly says their dad should come visit the set and she tells him how their dad passed.

Kevin rehearses his lines when Sly comes and mentions what Kate talked to him about their dad and all the memories. It messes with Kevin because later in a scene he can’t seem to get through it and all he can think about are memories with his dad. Kevin later yells at Kate for mentioned their dad to Sly and how it threw him. Kate tells Kevin that he hasn’t learned to face his grief like she has and Kevin reacts that he doesn’t need a therapist and doesn’t want to walk around “sad and damaged” like Kate. This makes Kate upset and she leaves

Kevin’s next big scene is a war scene. Interspersed with the scene are more memories of his father, including possibly the moment Kate told him that his father passed. The scene ends with Kevin hurting himself badly.

Kevin calls Kate post twin fight and asks for a twin make-up and then apologizes for all he said. He’s very proud of her. Kate gives him grief for hurting his bad knee. Kevin admits to her that it’s really hard with him to talk about dad, but maybe one day Kate says. Kevin starts to be emotional and makes excuses to not talk/think about it. Then Kevin hangs up and pops a pill in his mouth.

What happened surrounding Jack’s death is really sensitive to Kevin and it really showed this week. I’m so intrigued and it was all emotional week for the big three.

Next week: Still There

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