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This Is Us – Recap & Review – Jack Pearson’s Son

This is Us
Jack Pearson’s Son

Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

Tonight’s episode reminds viewers to always have tissues on hand just in case because you really never know when you’ll need them. Lots of emotions on this Valentine’s Day episode, probably more than I thought there would be, but there it was.

Jack and Rebecca: Back in the past, it’s Valentine’s Day and Rebecca has a show and then the couple plan to hit their favorite Valentine’s tradition, dinner at O’Shannons. Rebecca’s feeling a bit guilty for leaving on tour so soon while the kids are growing up. This guilt-ness only grows when the parents find out Kevin and Sophie are having sex and Randall is giving himself anxiety attacks over a paper. Kate’s just wearing eye liner and apparently that can’t be good either according to Rebecca. At the show, Jack learns that Rebecca’s bandleader Ben is also her ex. This causes Jack to nix the dinner tradition and lash out to Rebecca for not telling him, even though Rebecca says it was nothing because it was only two months when she was 19 that they dated. Jack says Rebecca should have never lied to her, while Rebecca says she was doing the singing so she could have something for herself. With that Jack ends up going out to dinner alone, orders the bacon cheeseburger…and a drink and drinks it!

Kate and Toby: So Kate did go to Duke’s cabin, but it’s not what you think. Kate tells Duke that she’s awesome and wonders why he’s a jackass. Duke reveals why he gets away with stuff…his parents own the place. And with that Kate is kicked out of the camp. So Kate goes to surprise Toby and apologizes for being a jerk the previous day and tells him she was kicked out. Toby responds by saying there’s a lot they don’t know about each other and wants them to do a deep dive of getting to know one another. Kate quickly goes in for the hard stuff when she asks Toby about his previous suicide attempts. Toby opens up about his depression and then returns the favor for Kate asking exactly how did her father die. Kate can’t seem to talk about it though. She wants to tell him, but she isn’t there yet. Toby’s OK with whenever she’s ready though and Kate agrees to that. However, seems Toby isn’t entirely ok with is when later he tells Kate that they should get married when they are ready and thinks the woman he marries should be able to tell him everything.

Randall and Beth:
Randall’s still dealing with his stresses, including William and his hand tremors when Beth gets a call saying her mom fell and broke her hip. So now Beth has to go to Washington, DC while
Randall is late to work because he has to wait for William’s nurse and take the kids to school. Randall’s at work long enough to know that there’s a big meeting coming up, but he has to go home because William fired the nurse and locked her out of the house. At home Randall tries to calm William down and it’s upsetting. Poor Randall. At the big meeting, Randall literally freezes up and Sanjay has to step up for him. Randall’s so stressed he has to call Kevin to say he can’t go to his show opening that night. Speaking of Kevin…

Kevin: Kevin has a recurring Katie Couric interview nightmare and Sophie knows about it. I love that she knows and to calm his nerves she tells Kevin to talk to Kate. Kevin unfortunately can barely reach his family. He leaves a message for Kate asking for reassurance he won’t “bomb” opening night. Kevin then goes to Randall’s office, but he has to leave to deal with William and barely gets a word in there. Next Kevin goes to his mom’s house, but she’s out, so he is left talking to Miguel. After venting a bit, Miguel responds by saying that the best way to steady himself was talking to Jack. Miguel tells Kevin that he reminds him so much of Jack from his mannerisms and walk that he loves talking to him because it’s like he has a piece of his best friend back because Kevin is “Jack Pearson’s son.” That’s why it breaks Miguel’s heart that Kevin doesn’t like him. Ultimately, Miguel reassures Kevin that all he has to do is think about what dad would do and he’ll be fine. Best advice Kevin got all day and Kevin responds by saying he doesn’t not like him. It’s a start! Opening night and curtain is about to rise when Kevin gets that call from Randall. With the words of Miguel still on his mind, Kevin does something the old Kevin probably wouldn’t have done. So when the curtain rises and Sloane starts talking to address her scene partner, Kevin is no where to be found on stage. That’s because he’s gone to comfort Randall, something teenage Kevin would never do as that Kevin left Randall alone when he was crying in his room. Seeing Kevin hold a bawling Randall in his arms/lap was just heartbreaking, but totally something Jack would do. Awww.

So what did you think? Did the episode leave you an emotional mess? I was hoping to learn the story of Jack’s death, but I think we’ll just have to wait, although we may have gotten a glimpse of the why. I also have a feeling Kate is deeply rooted in the story of the death and that’s why she can’t talk about it. Share any thoughts below before next week’s episode.

Next Episode: Memphis

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