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V – Recap & Review – Fruition

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Original Air Date- May 11, 2010

Alexis P – Reviewer

Fruition may mean a completion, a culmination, a final result but we haven’t come to the end just yet. It is rather the beginning of the end in this week’s final new episode before next week’s season finale!

The time has come to choose a side and in this week’s episode it seems some of our characters have let the line between become blurred. When the battle truly begins in earnest where and who will be standing?

As the story begins we find Lisa severely beaten and injured in a dark city alley. She is brought to a Visitor Healing Center and looks absolutely horrible. Broken and bruised with a vicious V slashed into her cheek. Erica rushes there as an FBI agent on the job and gets her first shock of the day. Lisa is a V.

Hobbs and another man are implicated as the ones who attacked poor Lisa. Chad gets left out of the loop on a story as important as a hate crime against a V and doesn’t take it well. Erica stays by Lisa’s side, sympathetic and motherly. That is until Anna shows up at the center with tears in her eyes looking appropriately upset, saddened and afraid for her daughter. If you ask me Lisa looks a little bit afraid of her mother. Not that I blame her. She now understands just what her mother is capable of. Erica gets the second shock. Not only is Lisa a Visitor, she is lizard princess to her Mother the Queen V. Anna tenderly embraces her daughter with the same hands that hours earlier left the livid bruise on Lisa’s cheek.

Let me tell you, every time Anna smiles I am a little afraid. She truly is a cold blooded creature. Erica takes Tyler to see Lisa at the center and she meets Joshua face to face. Joshua is actually one of my favorite characters, even though a less major one at the moment. He rides the razor’s edge, being both 5th Column and a trusted aid of Anna’s. Doc Josh tells Erica that Anna did this to Lisa and that Hobbs and Parker have to be found before Anna gets to them.

Chad shows up outside the healing center, for once not in the spotlight or in front of a camera. Marcus tells him they don’t need him at the moment that they have everything under control. Anna addresses the people regarding the ‘attack’ on her daughter and after blaming 5th Column says she has decided that she no longer feels it is safe for her people despite all the help they have given the humans and that they are leaving Earth. Anna leads the battered Lisa away and smiles to herself. Put on a show and now she has the planet right where she wants them. And she will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Chad finally gets to talk to Anna and practically begs to be let back in as correspondent. He says he can influence the people to influence the government to help the Visitors. Anna wants him desperate so his passion will move the people to her benefit. And that is just what happens when she orders the Shang-hai ship to leave. Chad covers the event and begs the people to fix the situation and keep Anna from leaving and taking back all she has given them.

Our resistance fighters find Parker’s place and Parker as well. Erica confronts him and wants to know why Anna would want to get her hands on him. Turns out Parker and a group of others have done research and developed an organic compound. It was supposed to be to assist in the slowing down of global warming but turned out to be an algae that has an adverse effect on fish, amphibians and yes, reptiles. Oooh, I am having an inkling! Recall the red substance used in the original series? Looks like a weapon against the V’s has been found.

The FBI shows up and brings Parker in for a lineup and then he will be turned over to the Vs for questioning. Yeah, I’m sure that is all they will do to him. Poor guy. Erica tries to get to Lisa before the lineup telling her that she can’t accuse an innocent man and that whomever she picks out she must be positive it is the right man. It looks like Lisa is about to tell Erica the truth about her attack when Anna walks in.

Then Lisa is standing there at a line up, with Anna on one side of her and Erica on the other. It is a very tense moment. Will she name Parker as her attacker or not? For a few breath held seconds we wonder until she does point out Parker. Well, yeah. She isn’t going to go up against her mother just yet.

So as the episode comes to a close Anna decides to stay and Chad is back in the game. Anna’s fleet is close to Earth approach and the humans won’t even know they are there. Meanwhile Ryan gets a text from his doctor friend that Val’s water just broke, soldier eggs are starting to hatch and Hobbs wants to sell the research he stole from Parker to Marcus for a fair bit of profit.

Next week? Season Finale! What do you hope to see or what questions do you want answered? What did you think of this week’s episode?

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