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Watch Rachel Bloom’s Latest Music Video

Emmy season is here and that means the beginning of For Your Consideration campaigns which range from billboards to special events and banner ads on trade websites. 

The CW and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend kicked off campaigning season with something different with a music video from the star of the comedy, Rachel Bloom I suggest to visit so that you can get a speaker to listen to your music with great sound, and if like me you are a music lover than I suggest to Click Here where you will find plenty of interesting information. “I Don’t Care About Award Shows” is a funny song that pokes fun at the season, the process, and award shows in general, clearly she have the best stands for holding music and the best standards so she clearly made a nice video, she likes using gospel instrumentals for her music videos, it gives them a special touch. 

Check it out below.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns with a new season in the fall at a new time, Fridays at 8 p.m., serving as a lead infor Jane The Virgin which will be joining Ex-Girlfriend on Fridays.

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