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Weeds – Recap & Review – Fingers Only Meat Banquet

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Fingers Only Meat Banquet

Original Air Date: Jul 25, 2011

Melanie– TwoCents Reviewer

Nancy and Silas have a weed demand but no supply, Shane’s student loan money is going everywhere but towards tuition (including into Nancy’s pockets), Andy is dating a woman whose dying husband is always around no matter what they are doing (in or out of bed), and Doug is working for a company that only hired him for his supposed softball skills with Nancy as his assistant.

Oh and Nancy’s sister Jill is tirelessly working to keep Stevie from her, using every disgusting trick and lie she can. Remember how I wondered if Nancy could take anymore knocks before just giving up? Well finally this week she gets at least a little relief!

Finding out she has a custody hearing in Oakland for Stevie, Nancy convinces Silas to come as her character witness and the best proof of her parenting history. Borrowing more of Shane’s loan money, the money she insists he use for going to school but keeps taking for her own needs anyways, they manage to purchase plane tickets. As upset as Shane was for not being picked, Silas was just as surprised he was, considering the resentment he harbors for Nancy. She can’t be certain what kind of testimony he’ll give…or can she? Silas has always seemed the most mainstream of the group, and at the heart such a good person we and Nancy know he’ll do his best to present Nancy in as positive a light as he can while not exaggerating it.

With Nancy away, Doug finds himself a little lost in the office and takes to actually working. When his perusal of the third quarter for Vehement Beef turns up some irregularities (thanks to his synesthesia), he learns they are cooking the books to keep the investors happy. More proof he wasn’t hired for his accounting skills! But this can’t end well, can it?

Jill’s games hit a new low when Nancy, Silas, and the creepy lawyer Steven Haven arrive in Oakland to find their custody hearing postponed two months. Crushed that she’s not going to get to see Stevie again, Nancy heads over to Jill’s house. Locked out by their gate and only able to talk to her sister through the intercom, she doesn’t get very far. Kept from climbing the fence by a security guard and Scott (who we learn is also controlled by Jill through the threat of no access to his kids, the psycho-twins), Nancy has to give up. And I thought I couldn’t hate Jill any more!

Nancy finally gets a little break when Scott promises to get her video chat time with Stevie, where she can tell him she’s his mother if she wants, and Silas manages to get her a meeting with the Judge in their case. In a ruling that makes complete sense, he states that it isn’t possible to give her back the child right now given her situation but not right to give legal custody to Jill either. And he gives her some advice, aside from the need to get a job and money and finish out her sentence. He tells her not to try to reinvent herself, but to go back to the Nancy that raised Silas and get back on track.

Nancy’s interpretation of this advice? Track down some old weed contacts! Which leads her and Silas to a very unwelcome visit to Heylia James in search of some supply. This can’t end well either, can it?

Andy has a scare when Maxeen’s dying husband experiences a bout of hypoglycemia and breaks off their strange relationship, and Shane enrolls in an Applied Criminal Justice class.

I’m not sure I believe that Andy is done with Maxeen, or what Shane could be up to now! Will Doug be able to keep his mouth shut about the book-cooking and will Nancy and Silas be able to talk Heylia into getting them some supply? And when will Jill’s karma come back to bite her?

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