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Weeds – Recap & Review – Game-Played

photo: showtime

Original Air Date: Jul 11, 2011

Melanie – TwoCents Reviewer

This episode was full of heart-wrench moments as Nancy and her family move in intersecting circles around each other, but with different end goals. Heading down the same road that has only ever landed her in hot water, Nancy continues to move towards setting herself up as a weed dealer while the boys work towards establishing a permanent residence in the city.

Could it be possible that this will be the time that it all works out? That Nancy will make the big money she’s been chasing, and avoid the danger and endless destruction in her wake? Yeah, probably not, but at least so far her luck is holding, even with a positive drug test and violent roomie!

Heartbreak #1: A disturbing video chat to her sister Jill confirmed two things. 1- Jill is completely out of touch with reality (and seemed on drugs herself!) and 2- she won’t give up Stevie easily. After claiming she would switch places with Nancy most days (because her life is so bad) and chastising her for not knowing Stevie’s schedule (why won’t she put the fax of it up on her fridge?) she drops the bomb. She needs Nancy to sign the papers to give her full legal custody of Stevie. Before Nancy can even process this, crazy-halfway-house interrupts and her room mate freaks out and nearly attacks her.

Heartbreak #2: Nancy uses the leave she’s given for job hunting to visit the flat the boys have purchased, which is in need of completion. Asking Andy to check out the dealer names she got from her mandated drug class (punishment for testing positive for drugs), she takes off to finish her job interviews before returning to change and pick up the grenades she left behind in order to make the switch for weed.

Andy is so determinedly optimistic, he has such a tender spot for Nancy even after all that she has brought down on him, it’s heartbreaking to see him respond to the realization she’s heading the same way again.

Nancy makes the exchange of grenades for weed (conveniently hidden in a CD player), and doesn’t miss the opportunity for a little physical pleasure (even though he is the brother of her cellmate girlfriend).

While she’s setting herself up with weed, Silas is rolling around basically nude in an inflated ball for a weird artist’s exhibition. When the ball begins to deflate, the crowd’s response is applause and more pictures, even though he is obviously distressed and unable to breathe. Andy, practical as always, grabs a knife and cuts him out. This earns him the notice of the artist, claiming he’s the only person to ever respond, and she invites him out for dinner. Crazy girlfriend for Andy? Check!

Heartbreak #3: Nancy and Silas finally face each other back at the flat. Realizing what’s in the CD player she’s hiding, he claims half of it (since he has been raised for this kind of work), but promises her a cut of it. With no option, Nancy finds herself being ripped off by her own son, but then, she trained him for this so maybe in some perverse way she’s proud of him?

The relationship between the two is so strained, you know he wishes he could be done with her but for some reason he and the others are always sucked back into Nancy’s sphere.

Rounding out the episode, Doug lands a plumb job as an accountant on Wall Street and Shane prepares to enroll in college using his Icelandic passport to make him an international student. He also shops the banks for the best deal on loans, gathering quite a collection of folders. The smirk on his face at the last bank he went to makes me wonder if there isn’t something else he’s planning?

So far this has been a rough season to watch. Knowing how bad things have gone in the drug trade for them before, it’s frustrating to see them heading there again. What is it about mainstreaming that is so impossible for Nancy? And if she wants her Stevie back so much, why would she dare to risk it all by heading into the drug trade again? Maddening!

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