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White Collar – Recap & Review – Au Revoir (Series Finale)

photo: usa
photo: usa
White Collar
Au Revoir (Series Finale)

Original Air Date: Dec 18, 2014

Jules – Managing Editor

Well that’s it Collar fans. After six seasons of cons, drama, fun and everything in between, the show is over. But not without lots of drama and one final twist. Yes, this show has always brought the best cliffhangers and in the series finale, where things often get wrapped up, we are still left with things up in the air.

We pick up where we left off with Woodford pointing a gun at Peter’s head asking who he is. Peter quickly proves his credibility to Woodford and is let in as a Panther.

Naturally, Moz is livid at Neal for giving his spot in the Panthers to Peter. But alas, we learn Neal’s plan to steal $30 million – in cash – from the Pink Panthers without them knowing during the heist. The only way to do that is to have Moz as the outside man. I knew Moz was left out intentionally! Moz doesn’t love the plan since it does involve Keller and knowing that the Panthers like to go after family when they are double crossed. Neal assures Moz that won’t be the case.

We get one final June, Moz and Neal scene and are reminded that Neal wears Byron’s old suits. I almost forgot! As for now, Neal says it’s back to basics for this final con.

El and Peter tell Neal that they are having a boy and after the announcement, El talks to Neal about Peter’s latest undercover work and tells Neal that he make sure Peter stays safe. Neal assures El that they are family to him and wouldn’t let anything happen to Peter.

After some prep, it’s time for the heist! You’ll remember the money is being funneled through NYC’s JFK airport. Neal plays the role of a dashing pilot (call,I dare say, to Catch Me If You Can?) who swoons a flight attendant to get her badge to get inside a secure building. Seemed too easy, but I won’t question that. Meanwhile, Peter’s with Keller and two others acting as workers at a funeral home picking up two dead bodies that Neal vouches for.

The group drive right into the holding area for the safe. After testing the air vents, they have three minutes to break into the two safes. Using high powered drills and feeding a wire to find the combination, Neal and Peter are in. Keller gets impatient with his guy, but Neal and Peter make it happen and voila – money!

While this is happening, Moz is setting up shop underground where the tunnels run where he can open a middle vent to funnel money down to him and not to where Woodford is. Moz is able to open the valve, but it gets jammed itself and sends money flying out. Loved the shot of Moz lying on the ground and money falling down on him. Woodford’s pissed because something’s wrong, but before he can call it in, Moz closes the valve, problem fixed. The jam cost them $30 million, exactly what the guys wanted.

As the Panthers gather to count the money, the FBI bust them in the act. Woodford almost picks up a gun when Diana and Jones have their weapons on him, but he doesn’t. Yay, Panthers have been taken down!

Neal and Peter are in the same police truck. I liked how Neal is able to pick his way out of his cuffs so easily. Keller soon joins them, but Peter leaves to deal with business. Here Keller says that he’s going to hiding since Peter will figure out he killed Luc. Keller warns Neal that he may be kept on a leash longer despite his contract. So when Peter returns to the truck, Neal and Keller are gone, but apparently Neal’s anklet’s back online and on Wall Street.

Neal and Keller have gone to Moz to get their money. Keller soon pulls out a knife saying he’s going to take all the money. Neal pulls out a gun from the supplies and tells Moz to take their bags and run and that he’ll handle Keller.

So it’s down to Neal and Keller underground while Moz hides as a homeless man when Peter runs by tracking Neal. Ha!

Keller fights Neal and then shoots him in the chest with the gun. Nooooo!!! As he’s dying, Neal shows his anklet to Keller, who realizes that the FBI are on their way. Keller tries to run away above ground with the money, but Peter catches him. Keller takes a woman hostage and urges Peter to do the right thing to save Neal. Just as Keller pulls away to shoot, Peter shoots Keller right in the forehead dead.

Neal’s been found and just before he’s taken away in the ambulance, he says the lines of the episode to Peter. “You’re the only one who saw good in me. You’re my best friend.” I’m bawling here people.

At the hospital, Peter and Moz wait in grief and then we see it. Neal’s body in a body bag. Yup, he died. Moz is railing and in severe denial and totally losing it. “Neal could always slide past, Neal could always get away” says Moz, but Peter responds with “Not this time.” Seriously, is this for real?

Outside the morgue, Peter retrieves Neal’s things, including the anklet, holds it up and says “You’re free.” Peter crying alone in the hospital just about had me on the floor.

Cut to a year later. Peter’s happy and still at white collar. Jones is looking to be more in charge. Diana is moving to DC. Peter sees visages of Neal around the office and goes to see Moz, who is back to conning innocents in the park. We learn all the Panthers are serving life in prison and Peter asks Moz about the missing $21 million from the heist. Moz says he’s in the depression stage of grief and really thought Neal had pulled the greatest con when he saw the queen of hearts card back in his possession, the same card Neal used all those years to con him, but alas, it wasn’t.

Peter tells Moz to come visit his boy and later we see him telling crazy stories about dark magic and warlords to baby Neal! Yes, of course Peter named his son Neal. And Moz gave him the Mozart bear! Seeing the Burkes happy makes me happy.

Later, the Burkes enjoy a nice bottle of Bordeaux Peter found on the stoop and that’s when things start to come clear for Peter. He notices the cork, then pulls a box of Neal’s things and notices a key he had and remembers the containers Neal was visiting that he and Jones looked into and found nothing.

Peter goes to the containers for which the key opens and finds the mannequin we saw Neal playing with earlier in the episode, this one with a bullet hole in it, right where Neal got shot. Peter then realizes the female EMT was the person Neal paid off from photos he saw. Peter also sees the queen of cards card and information about the Louvre and a smile begins to show on his face, obviously knowing that Neal is not dead. In flashbacks we see that Neal faked his death and took a pill to make himself look dead… so where is he now?

In Paris, there is Neal. Love!

What did you think? Was that Neal’s greatest con? I learned that wasn’t the original ending, but I really couldn’t care less because I think it was perfect. I didn’t really believe Neal died. Maybe it was the fake looking blood or how it seemed so quick. Nice to see Moz happy and that we got to see the baby and everyone happy. Do you think Moz knows the truth too? I feel the card was a tip off. Will Moz join Neal in Paris? Happy Neal’s finally free and that Peter knows, too.

I will miss recapping this show. It’s always been a fun favorite of mine. Share you TwoCents below about the finale and the series below!

  • Pog Lindsey

    Please bring it back
    It was a fab show

    • Jules X

      I would love to get a revival/reunion episodes or movie. Although it would mean that Neal would come back from the dead, but that’s ok. Great finale though.

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