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White Collar – Recap & Review – Out of the Frying Pan

photo: usa
photo: usa
White Collar
Out of the Frying Pan

Original Air Date: Oct 24, 2013

Jules -Senior News Editor

This week Neal meets his new handler and the first case they work together is nothing but easy, but this is White Collar, when is anything easy? Actually, I’d categorize this case as messy, but we’ll get to that.

Elsewhere, Diana is still working and very pregnant, while Mozzie and Neal continue to work on getting rid of Hagen’s documents to help in his retrial.

We open with Neal dancing to Mozart. Actually he’s learning to dance to dodge security cameras at the FBI evidence lockup from Moz, who is very into what he’s doing. They figure if they can get some ultraviolet light on the bonds, it will look like the document naturally deteriorated like a newspaper in the sun. But they only have a few days to master the dance and get the job done.

Back at the FBI, the team’s arrested the guy behind the black market equivalent of eBay and yet the whole crew is brought it, including Neal’s new handler, Special Agent David Siegel (Warren Kole). It would be easy to shut down the website, but the FBI can get after the sellers, too, and David and Neal have the same thought: make up fake user names to outbid everyone and then catch the sellers that way.

David Siegel is young, but smart, from Chicago where he worked with a CI with a similar deal as Neal and very eager to be in NYC. Peter seems to be suspicious of him, he actually likes him and he gets Peter’s old office. Neal seems to like him too.

Back to the case, Diana is going crazy, not sleeping and multi-geeking (operating more than one computer for their ruse), while David has found a target to go after, Little Star Merchandize, an art and antiquities dealer. It peaks Neal’s interest, who tries to push towards a more dangerous dealer, but no can do.

The two go in to take down Little Star and Neal comes up with a plan to go in first as a designer and for good reason because the proprietor is none other than Mozzie. Of course! Moz freaks out that he’s going to be arrested, but he does have a contingency plan, his Roanoke Practice, and ultimate disappearing act. Unfortunately, it’s a bit extreme involving burning his documents and the building along with some teeth he has in a plastic container. Neal thinks it’s crazy, extinguishes the flames, but it’s too late, the fire alarm’s gone off so David moves in. David gets suspicious of Neal’s involvement, then gets a glimpse of Moz and tries to a arrest him, but he’s too fast and Moz gets away.

Later when David gives a description of Little Star proprietor to Peter and Jones, they realize it sounds an awful lot like Mozzie, but Neal tries to throw off their scent, even sketching two headshots of the bald headed and be speckled man. David even confirms the actual photo, while Peter gets to see the other.

David works on cracking the computer they got from the warehouse and he’s found an alias. Neal finds Moz dressed as Lady Liberty in a park (his backup hiding out plan). We soon learn the alias David found, Teddy Winters, isn’t an alias. Yup, that’s Moz’s birth name he found! The name is tied to everything Moz has, keeping it alive just in case his parents came looking. Awww! I’ve always loved Moz. But if they really let Teddy die, no one could find him, including the FBI. So Neal now thinks the Roanoke Practice is a good idea and it’s back into action, but on a larger scale with lots of combustables.

Fake death plan in action. When Diana find evidence of movement back at the home area on the account, the FBI head out. The “movement” is really a toy monkey playing on the keyboard while Moz is busy gasoline-ing the place up. Right before the FBI shows up, Moz shows his face, heads inside and then the building explodes. We learn later it took six hours to extinguish. But where is Moz? The FBI do confirm the dental match, which Diana questions the teeth match and how easy it is to lose teeth (Give me a brick and I’ll show you!) and then gets kicked out for being up too long.

Diana’s pretty adamant about her faking death theory and asks Neal to go with her to investigate the site. He agrees to go later, but Diana goes on her own and notices an extra manhole and on her own finds the one out of place and subsequently finds Mozzie! She wants to arrest him, but she’s also going into labor. Moz starts to run away, but comes back because he doesn’t want bad karma isn’t hereditary. Things are about to get messy!

Meanwhile, Peter tells Neal that Curtis Hagen is back (which we already knew), but what’s important is that Hagen’s documents are now upstairs. So Neal moves fast to put his plan that he and Moz were planning into action.

It’s later when David submits his documents (and we learn his Chicago CI ended up back in prison for forging lotto tickets) that Peter gets suspicious of Neal’s whereabouts, who’s in the building, but not at his desk and missing his hat. Indeed, Neal’s upstairs about to head into the evidence locker. So while we get Neal’s dancing around the cameras with a very watchful agent on the camera, Moz realizes it’s too late to go to the hospital and is helping Diana deliver her baby. Neal gets to the bonds to do the light thing, while Peter guesses appropriately on his whereabouts, but by the time he goes to the evidence lockup, Neal is able to sneak away and get back to his desk before Peter does.

Neal goes to find Moz, but he’s surprised to find Diana and a baby! Mozzie: I’m a dad! Diana: Not even close! Now what? To cover up it all, by going to the hospital. Peter and Jones are called in, too, Diana’s only “family,” including Neal and Moz some how. Diana thinks about naming the baby Theo (after a criminal!). Peter urges Diana to take her time coming back to the office and asks her about having the baby before she go to the hospital. That’s when Diana flat out lies to Peter! Saying it was a stranger who helped her and she never got a name. Wow!

So many lies this season, no? Did not expect Diana lying to Peter like that. Something I so see Peter seeing through later, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Same with Neal and Hagen. Neal might have gotten rid of the documents, but I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Hagen and all the lies. So now Moz and Neal have the potential to go to prison! Oh and am I wrong to suspect something is up with Siegel? There’s my TwoCents, share your comments and thoughts below!

Next week: One Last Stakeout

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